About Barlovento

Established in 1995, SpanishTO / Barlovento is dedicated to promote teaching,  studying and using Spanish as a second language in Toronto and the GTA.  Our convenient locations make pursuing your Spanish  studies  convenient and accessible.

SpanishTO has a professional team of Spanish-speaking instructors. Our team’s university education covers a broad number of fields including languages, teaching, and adult education. We regularly hold training  sessions to improve our teaching methods and incorporate the feedback  we receive from students into our classes.

Why choose Barlovento?

If you want to learn to speak Spanish, look no further. At Barlovento, the Spanish language is our expertise and native tongue. Whether you want just the basics or to study the language in-depth, Barlovento is your solution.

IWe offer small group classes of four to ten students, multiple locations, and flexible schedules.

I To register for a course or have your Spanish level evaluated, call us today at


Our method of instruction

We use a communicative approach in a small class format, creating a relaxed atmosphere full of Latin American and Spanish culture. In our classes, you speak Spanish from day one. Casual conversations in Spanish help students use and learn the language.

The use of games, videos, songs, maps and online resources will make your Spanish class a one-of-a-kind experience.

Learning Spanish is as easy as registering for a Spanish class with SpanishTO / Barlovento. Simply Register Online or call us today.

If you have additional questions visit our   FAQ page.

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