January 28 , 2020

Spanish for Beginners Lesson two

Spanish lesson Handout Two and Audiovisuals by SpanishTO.com

By Professor Javier Baez  2020


1-Learn to introduce yourself in  Spanish

2-Learn how to form sentences in Spanish

3-Learn the numbers in Spanish

Watch these videos to review:

1-Introduce yourself in Spanish


2-Basic sentence structure in Spanish


3- Learn the numbers in Spanish.

You will learn to build a hand calculator to

learn the numbers.

The idea is to learn the numbers in sets of 9.

1 to 9, 10 to 90, 100 to 900 and 1000 to 9000


Lesson Dos

1- PDF copy of unit 2


2-Audio files of Handout 2 to use with your mobile phone


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