October 22 , 2017

Justin Michael

I started learning Spanish with a beginner course a bit under two years ago, in November 2015 at Barlovento with Javier. Throughout this time, I worked my way up and hope to start my first advanced course in the fall. When I began the courses, working with Javier was very important for forming grammar and developing basically vocabulary, however, you can't just go to class once a week and expect to learn the language. You need to practice a lot outside of class as well. Whether it is watching telenovelas, doing homework or finding Spanish penpals, all of this is crucial to get the best of out of an excellent course. Once I began intermediate I started classes with another teacher at Barlovento, Gloria who was excellent as well. She puts in a lot of effort into class preparation and one of the biggest challenges is that her English is limited. This forces you to speak Spanish and further encourages growth. These courses are excellent and if you take them while emmersing yourself in the language / dedicating yourself to learning, within 1.5 years there is no reason why you shouldn't be extremely competent in conversational Spanish. I highly recommend the classes.

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