January 22 , 2019

Marek Dziedzic

The class was okay, however I do not feel that I left the five session course knowing much more than I already did. Going into the class, I knew some basic phrases - the type you would expect to learn from going to a Spanish speaking island. Leaving the course, I barely know how to say anything more. I was hoping that the class would involve more active participation. For the majority of the class, we listened to the instructor, and the majority of the class was in English. You should set your expectations that this class is structured like "core" French in elementary school. "Repeat after me" type education. If you're looking to learn Spanish, I would suggest that you try and find a class where you SPEAK Spanish for the majority of the time. As a final note, the organization of the courses is not great. Registering does NOT ensure that the class takes place - it is based on whether enough people sign up or not. The class was not confirmed until the day before the class was scheduled to start. My final grievance is that the instructor setup a WhatsApp group to communicate with us, allow us to practice, and share supplementary materials. After the first week, it was abandoned by the instructor and not used. Adios!

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