Advanced Spanish Courses in Toronto. Speak Spanish Fluently

Advanced Spanish lessons provide the opportunity to enhance your speaking skills, improve and practice grammar and develop new writing skills. In-Person and Online classes are available as private, semi-private and group classes taught by professional teachers. We provide a high quality service at a great value. Try it today. Online Spanish: 1st 30 minute class is free! See upcoming classes for in-person classes.

Small group classes, great discussions, and guest teachers from around the world make learning fun and easy.

You can expect to learn fluent Spanish in our Toronto Advanced Spanish classes, along with practicing the Spanish you already know.  Our classes are a immersive Spanish-speaking environment, where current issues of the Hispanic world are discussed. See you in class! Online or In-person. Call 416-628-8373 for more information.

Why learn Spanish in 2023?

In Toronto and the GTA alone, over 400,000 people claim Spanish as their native tongue! They join the 500 million Spanish-speaking people around the world in places like Latin America, Spain, North Africa, and the United States. Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world!

Learning Spanish can expand your job and commercial opportunities, introduce you to new friends in a multicultural setting, and facilitate travel to any one of the 23 Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.

For Spanish speakers this course also refines and hones your Spanish, through high-level practice, reading and writing skills development.

Classes & Levels:

Advanced Spanish

Upon Completion of this Course you will be able to:

  • Speak Spanish with confidence.
  • Read and understand Spanish books.
  • Understand Spanish radio and television.
  • Write in Spanish.

The material cover in our advance classes (levels 1 and 2) is equivalent to level B2 of the international standards.

To meet the above goals we study different aspects of Hispanic culture including: History, Art, Geography, Music, Literature and Current Events. Leam to read, write and speak Spanish fluently at Toronto’s friendliest language school!

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Spanish Interactive in Spain!

This winter 2022-2023, we are partnering with several schools in southern Spain to provide you with the opportunity to experience the Spanish language at a native level. Students can now join a preferred school and have a one of a kind learning experience.  Call us at 416-628-8373 for detailed information.

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