Kids Learn Spanish Through Fun & Games

SpanishTO Kids Online and SpanishTO-Barlovento School of Spanish offer Spanish classes for children in Toronto ONLINE and Onsite.  1st Online class is free! Contact us to book now. Children’s ONLINE Spanish Classes are Private 1-1 or 1-2 (siblings or friends).

BUY NOW 5  ONLINE CLASSES of 30 minutes each $100.00 + HST

BUY NOW 10  ONLINE CLASSES of 30 minutes each $200.00 + HST

BUY NOW 10  ONLINE CLASSES of 45 minutes each $250.00 + HST

BUY NOW 10  ONLINE CLASSES of 1 hour each $300.00 + HST

Kid’s Spanish lessons are an immersion of activities and games. This entertaining and educational language program is taught through drama, music, games, reading, and writing and is both age and Spanish level appropriate. Online program is One-One and offers flexible packages for ages 4- 16 years.  Our in person classes are held in spacious rooms full of light, art, and Spanish culture.

The in person class teacher-student ratio is one teacher for every seven students. We have a teacher and teaching assistant present for every class.

All Spanish classes for kids (ages 4 to 14) are held on Saturday mornings at our Toronto West End location. We also offer private onsite programs with flexible schedules after school or on weekends.

SpanishTO Kids can deliver Spanish language programs in Spanish, English or French. We are course providers for individuals, home school groups, learning pods, schools or institutions interested in Spanish Language programs for their students in Toronto and the GTA.

Why should your children learn Spanish?

In Toronto and the GTA alone, over 400,000 people claim Spanish as their native tongue! They join the 572 million Spanish-speaking people around the world in places like Latin America, Spain, North Africa, and the United States.

Learning Spanish can expand your children’s horizons, introduce them to new friends in a multicultural setting, and facilitate travel to any one of the 23 Spanish-speaking nations worldwide.

This course also reinforces Spanish, when spoken in the home, through example, practice, reading and writing skill development.

Classes and Times:
Spanish Interactive for Children (Juniors 4-7, Seniors 8-12 and Seniors 11- 14 years)

A Beginners to Intermediate Spanish course for school aged children. Taught through games, activities, writing and reading. Groups are divided according to age and Spanish level.

Course Fee & Dates: See calendar or Contact us for details

JK/SK Spanish Interactive (3 yrs - 4 yrs with Parent / Caregiver optional)

A beginners’ Spanish course for children ages 3 years to 4 years introduces children and parents to Spanish. For children from Spanish-speaking homes this reinforces their language and vocabulary. Taught through songs, activities and stories.

Course Fee & Dates: See calendar or Contact us for details

Spanish Interactive for Pre-teens (11-14 years)

This class, for ages 11 to 14, enriches Junior and High School Spanish classes. Students review and practice speaking Spanish. Available only at our West-End location.

Course Fee & Dates: See calendar or Contact us for details

Saturday morning programs at our West End location - Class schedule for all levels and ages:

Due to health and safety measures all classes have moved online.

1st Online class is free! Try our classes.  Best service. Best price.

Don’t miss out! Kids learn Spanish at Toronto’s friendliest language school! Contact us for registration information.