Learn, Practice & Speak Spanish at the Next Level!

Continue honing your language skills using the SpanishTO-Barlovento School of Spanish cultural approach; we offer four levels of intermediate Spanish lessons. These 4 courses are equivalent to level A2 of the international standards.

We offer Online and In Person classes.

Our Toronto-based conversational Spanish lessons will appeal to graduates of our Beginners’ program and to new students with previous Spanish language learning.

Our classes are designed to help you practice Spanish through conversation, interaction and fun! You’ll develop speaking and writing abilities, master the correct use of pronouns and prepositions, and use Spanish verbs in present, past and future tenses.

Every class features Spanish songs, videos, readings, open conversations, and writing exercises. All courses last six weeks. Opportunities for extra practice available through Hybrid courses, where students attend In Person and Online classes.

Courses Fee: $220.00 + HST: 6 classes of 1 hour each
course offered Mon. – Tues. – Wed. – Thurs. – at our Financial District Location in Toronto, King West.


First Canadian Place – Bay & King

Classes & Levels:

Intermediate Spanish I

Upon completion Intermediate I you will be able to:

  1. Talk about and plan your vacation.
  2. Interact with vendors while out shopping.
  3. Speak with a landlord about renting an apartment.
  4. Visit a doctor and discuss simple medical conditions.
  5. Visit a bank and discuss money matters.
  6. Describe how people look and act.

Intermediate Spanish II

Upon completion Intermediate II you will be able to:

  1. Identify dates and send invitations.
  2. Make future plans.
  3. Talk about past actions.
  4. Give instructions.
  5. Use different past tenses.

Intermediate Spanish III

Upon completion Intermediate III you will be able to:

  1. Use the present perfect tense.
  2. Use the preterite or simple past tense.
  3. Use “para”, “por” and other prepositions.
  4. Use the imperfect tense.
  5. Give instructions in Spanish.
  6. Use direct and indirect object pronouns.

Intermediate Spanish IV

Upon completion Intermediate IV you will be able to:

  1. Talk about people in Spanish.
  2. Review the preterite tenses.
  3. Use “ser” and “estar” in the past tense.
  4. Express obligation and give instructions
  5. Use the subjunctive mood.
  6. Learn to express probability and condition using the conditional tense.
  7. Use direct and indirect object pronouns.

All you need are three friends (four students minimum) willing to take five Spanish classes. The location, frequency, day and time is up to you! Contact us or call to check availability.

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